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Browse our collection of superyachts for sale and use the filters to narrow down the selection. If you don’t see your perfect luxury yacht, get in touch with your requirements and we’ll move mountains to find out for you. And if you have any questions at all about our superyachts for sale, feel free to contact our experienced broker team.

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World’s Finest Superyachts for Sale: Our Experts’ Selection

In luxury travel, superyachts distinguish themselves with their opulence and elegance. These floating palaces push the limits of luxury, providing an extraordinary experience beyond the usual. What truly earns a superyacht its title is a blend of elements, including size, design, amenities, and craftsmanship.

Superyachts range from 20 meters to well over 100 meters. Whether you prefer a motor yacht that can swiftly move between island hotspots or a sailing yacht for a more leisurely coastal cruise, there’s a superyacht for every taste. Of the superyachts for sale today, you’ll surely find the perfect match.

We will gladly introduce you to a prime selection of displacement and semi-displacement motor yachts, along with various sailing yachts. If you have specific preferences, you can also search for luxury yachts for sale by using our advanced search filters higher up on the page.

By remaining a boutique superyacht brokerage, we are able to focus our undivided attention on you while keeping an eye on the global market and showing you only the best superyachts for sale at the moment.

Which Superyachts for Sale Suit You Best?

The ideal superyacht for you depends on the type of on-water experience you desire. If you seek power and speed, a motor-powered superyacht will meet your needs. On the other hand, if you prefer to harness the wind and sail across the water, a sailing yacht is the perfect choice.

Regardless of your preference, superyachts for sale today are known for their exceptional amenities, high performance, and remarkable design, which ensure they retain their value for resale or charter.

When selecting the perfect superyacht, you and your broker will evaluate various factors, including style, yacht type, build pedigree, crew layout, facilities, décor, and more. Whether you’re searching for a large, contemporary motor yacht or a classically styled gentleman’s yacht, SuperYachtsMonaco offers a diverse range of luxury yachts for sale.

When evaluating superyachts for sale, keep in mind that such an investment is primarily for the enjoyment of you, your family, and friends. Consider the type of experience and use you envision for your yacht. Are you looking for a new or pre-owned yacht? Do you prefer a custom-built or semi-custom yacht? How do you plan to use your yacht? If you intend to charter your yacht to offset running costs, factor in the needs of the charterer, but always prioritize your own preferences and requirements.

10-Step Process of Buying a Superyacht

If this is your first superyacht purchase, we’ve summarised the key steps below, from browsing superyachts for sale to getting the keys:

  1. Identify Your Needs: Determine specific requirements such as space, range, draft, and purpose (private use or charter).
  2. Engage a Broker: Hire a broker for their expertise, access to exclusive listings of luxury yachts for sale, and negotiation skills.
  3. Define Search Criteria: Collaborate with your broker to establish parameters such as yacht size, type, budget, style, capacity, shipyard preferences, materials, speed, accessibility, and cruising range.
  4. Review Recommendations: Your broker will compile a shortlist of suitable luxury yachts for sale based on market research and professional networks.
  5. Shortlisted Viewings: Schedule viewings of selected yachts, accompanied by your broker, to assess each option’s suitability and potential modifications.
  6. Decision and Negotiation: Choose a yacht and engage in price negotiations, facilitated by your broker, who will use market data to support the process.
  7. Contract, Survey, and Sea Trial: Upon agreeing on a price, sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and conduct a survey and sea trial. Legal assistance is often required to handle documentation and ensure compliance.
  8. Legal and Documentation: Coordinate with legal teams to prepare necessary documents, verify buyer and seller information, and ensure all conditions of the sale are met.
  9. Additional Considerations: Address aspects like financing, registry, crew recruitment, berth procurement, and yacht management with the help of your buying team.
  10. Closing the Sale: Finalize the transaction by transferring funds and title, often completed in international waters or another agreed location, ensuring all documentation is satisfactorily exchanged.

Purchasing a superyacht involves multiple stages, from defining your needs to closing the sale. Engaging a knowledgeable broker and a capable legal team ensures a smooth and successful transaction, making your yachting dreams a reality.

Or You Could Build a Custom Superyacht

If current luxury yachts for sale do not appeal to you, we are experts in helping our clients design their dream, fully customised vessels. Find out more about building your custom yacht with SuperYachtsMonaco. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Brokers: Your Expert Guides to Superyachts for Sale Today

Our expert brokers are here to help you navigate the market and as you scope out various superyachts for sale. Based in Monaco, our experienced and dedicated team operates worldwide. Our brokers speak English, French, Russian, Italian, German, Danish, and Spanish.

Our expertise hails from diverse sectors within the yachting industry. Since 2008, we have made it our mission to provide clear, customised purchase, sales and charter services for clients around the world, advising them on which superyachts for sale or charter might be among the best choices for their current goals and needs.

The team is present at yacht shows around the world, including our hometown Monaco Yacht Show, so you might run into us, too. You can find out more about our team here. 24 dedicated individuals look forward to helping you with your superyacht purchasing, renting, or building goals.

If you have any questions about superyachts for sale – or perhaps a luxury yacht for sale on our website has already caught your eye – please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you!