Sell a Yacht

We know it takes more to sell a superyacht than simply advertising her. We know how to be proactive and drum up interest in your yacht when we’re appointed the Central Agent.

Why should SuperYachtsMonaco be your Central Agent?

We choose quality over quantity

We strive to act as the Central Agent for just a small selection of high-quality superyachts. This gives us the time to get to know each luxury yacht for sale, and to proactively create interest in your yacht. We make sure we’re not too busy to market your yacht properly.

We speak to the right people

We work directly with decision-makers to be as efficient as possible. Whether we’re reaching out to prospective yacht buyers, or making sure the contract discussions are held with the right person, every move we make has the maximum impact.

We’re responsive

Our brokers are always available – but so is our support team. All enquiries are answered promptly, with precise and accurate information. And everyone is given our full attention, no matter what size or type of yacht you’re selling.

We work for you

We never forget that we work for you. We’ll guide and support you every step of the way, even beyond the closing of the sale. We’re on hand for you, or your team, 24/7.

We know how to market yachts

Our mix of marketing professionals and seasoned brokers helps us to present your yacht in the best possible light – and to reach the right people, at the right time. We combine digital and traditional marketing methods to get your yacht seen.

We’re trustworthy

We have in-house standards of KYC, AML and anti-bribery. We perform thorough checks on all transactions to ensure every party is safe. We are corporate MYBA members. We could go on… But don’t want to take our word for it, we’ll gladly provide references so you can do your own research.


Thinking of selling your yacht? Please send us an enquiry and we’ll arrange a time to call you and give you a much deeper, more tailored insight into how we can help.

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