Eastern Mediterranean

yacht charter in East Med

The Eastern Mediterranean is an incredible region of the world with its mild and relaxing climate and its never-ending coast lines.  From tasting its mouth-watering cuisine to exploring its ancient civilisations, these countries offer any activity you could ever wish for. How about enjoying the vibrant nightlife, or checking out one of the luxurious beaches? It is home to already well-established countries such as Greece and Turkey, which for many years have been recognized as prime destinations for indulging in all facets of life, but also emerging forces in tourism such as Croatia and Montenegro. The hundreds of islands dispersed along the coastline, the expansive beaches, the relics of ancient times such as bridges, statues and temples, no other place in the world is as deeply and densely packed with culture and personality. The Eastern Mediterranean is practically calling out for you, to be explored and discovered, a voyage of the senses, an experience like no other!