Yachts & Boats – 4 of the Best in the Eyes of 007

June 27,2022

The name’s Bond… James Bond.

Here at SuperYachtsMonaco, we are endlessly striving to provide the utmost luxury, comfort, and class for all customers, whether it be chartering a yacht for a week’s trip around the Maldives or purchasing a unique yacht from a renowned independent shipyard. But have you ever been caught watching a Bond film and all of a sudden seen a beauty of a yacht and wondered to yourself: “What was that? Where can I find one of those? And how can I live a life like him?” Well, you wouldn’t be the first…  

Yachts exude luxury and class, specifically superyachts. But who exudes more class and high living than the one and only 007! Whether it is caning up the high Furka Pass in Switzerland in his absolute stunner of a car, the Aston Martin DB5 – Goldfinger, or cruising his Venetian rowing boat the (Bondola) up the stairs of the main Piazzetta San Marco – Moonraker. We can all agree and say that he’s got a particular taste for the finer things in life, including yachts. 

Since about 1962, Bond films have managed to incorporate a handful of modern and classic yachts into some incredibly exhilarating action sequences and even more romantic and intimate scenes portraying not only the beauties of the automobile industry but also the grace of the yachting industry. Here’s a little reminder of a few memorable yachts and boats that were featured in the James Bond saga. Enjoy…


Buehler Turbocraft 19 in Thunderball (1965)

Buehler Turbocraft yacht

Even Bond wasn’t able to resist this peach of a boat as shown in the 1965 movie Thunderball, due to its technological innovation and distinct elegance of the time.  Buehler Turbocraft was the very first in the boating industry to introduce the revolutionary waterjet propulsion system which was based on the designs of Secondo Campini’s turbojet principle, providing unparalleled maneuverability and instant acceleration at sea. 

After the immense success of the film Thunderball, the 19ft-Turbocraft was aptly renamed ‘Thunderball’ as a tribute to the film and became an instant success. Quickly climbing the ranks as a top choice among some of the bigs, e.g. the Kennedy family, and Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the USSR.


Sunseeker Predator 108 in Casino Royale (2006)

Sunseeker Motor Yacht

Casino Royale (2006) was Daniel Craig’s first-ever Bond film, which we can all say will go down in history as one of the best resurgences of any movie franchise in our lifetime. The absolute class and physical prowess Daniel managed to bring to the role were one for the books.

Time after time EON Productions manages to feature some of the cleanest cars the world has to offer, in our opinion anyway. But in Casino Royale not only did they have the Aston DB5, the Aston DBS V12, and the Jaguar XJ8 but also a Sunseeker Predator 108. She was only just delivered in 2004, in time to feature in the hit film, fitted with three 2000hp MTU diesel engines connected to Arneson surface drives. Comfortably capable of hitting 40knots and cruising at a speed of 20knots.  Driven by none other than the menacing, blood-tearing “Le Chiffre”.

This very CASINO ROYALE Sunseeker Predator 108 is still active to date, and can be found chartering around all coasts of Italy and the French Riveria. As of now the charter rate for the low season is €65,000 per week and rises up to €75,000 per week during the high season.


Pruva S/Y ARIA 1 (EX-REGINA) in Skyfall (2012)

Pruva Sailing Yachts

Another Bond flick… another Bond girl… another yacht. The beautiful Severine (Bérénice Marlohe) and Agent 007 can be found cruising along with their hair being blown by the wind in the impressive 56-meter S/Y ARIA 1 just off the coast of Turkey. This elegant double-masted yacht, renamed ‘CHIMERA’ for the film, was constructed by Pruva Yachting (TUR) back in 2011. Unlike most other Bond films, Bond himself usually has all the latest gadgets and tech, which was why S/Y ARIA 1 was a nice surprise as a feature in the film. A little hommage to the simpler times and a true reminder of quality.

Like CASINO ROYALE,  ARIA 1 is still active to date and spending most of her time chartering in Greece. As of now the charter rate for the low season is €75,000 per week and rises up to €100,000 per week during the high season.


DISCO VOLANTE PT-20 Hydrofoil in Thunderball (1965)

PT-20 Yacht

One of the most iconic yacht features, Spectre’s number 2 – Emilio Largo’s PT-20 Hydrofoil has to be mentioned. Whilst Spectre’s team was transporting stolen atomic weapons, the US Navy intercepted the transportation, leaving the villains no other choice but to retaliate and flee. The PT-20 had been fitted with a sort of ‘cocoon’ attached to the stern of the boat disguising it as a rather normal commercial ferrying boat, when in fact it was capable of separating the cocoon from the main hull providing anti-aircraft cannon and machinegun cover for the fleeing front half of the boat.   

This incredible film adaptation of the novel Thunderball paved a new way in creativity on the big screen and introduced audiences around the world to the PT-20 Hydrofoil. Built by Rodriquez Cantieri Navali with the help of Naval Architect F. Lobau, a total of 46 PT-20’s were built from the period 1956 to 1971.



Commander James Bond remains to be an Icon and will forever be regarded as a great movie franchise, no matter the actor portraying the infamous ‘Agent 007’. Let’s just hope that if EON Productions are willing to continue pumping out Bond films, they keep the standards up to par with what they have already produced and featured. We’ll all be here awaiting the newest additions to your fleet of both yachts and supercars, that you can count on Mr. Bond. 

James Bond in Live and Let Die