5 Gadgets James Bond would have on his Yacht

May 11,2017

5 Gadgets James Bond would have on his Yacht

Follow in 007’s footsteps and discover 5 of the most innovative gadgets currently available for superyachts

From wristwatch lasers to exploding pens, James Bond has always had a seemingly never-ending supply of seriously awesome gadgets. And when it comes to yachting, 007 knows a thing or two about superyachts as witnessed in his choice of the magnificent 56 meter schooner Regina in the 2012 Bond film, Skyfall. Happily, the yachting industry is now catching up with the Bond franchise, and there are lots of new technological devices on the market for yacht owners. Here’s our guide to 5 of the best gadgets available for superyachts, gadgets so cool we can guarantee that they’ll make even “Q” himself a little bit jealous.

The iBubble
What’s cooler than a drone? An underwater drone of course. Invented by a free diver, a scuba diver and a tech expert, the iBubble is an autonomous diving drone which follows you underwater and films your dive session. To control the iBubble, simply slip on a wireless connected bracelet and select your filming mode, then jump in the water and let this unique underwater camera do the rest. Environmentally friendly thanks to its use of sonar, the iBubble can dive up to 60m so you can use it for scuba diving, free diving or just to check out what’s in the water under your yacht before getting in. Film your next dive in HD with the iBubble, then stream the footage to your smartphone for your family and friends to enjoy, playing 007 has never been so much fun!

The Superyacht Sub 3
Bond used a submarine in the shape of a sports car to navigate his way around the ocean, but we think you’ll agree that the Superyacht Sub 3 is an even better way to travel underwater. Created to fit on-board almost any superyacht, the Superyacht Sub 3 is the most compact private submarine in the world. Lightweight and versatile, this little submarine will allow you to discover the ocean in true Bond style. The Superyacht Sub 3 has room for 3 guests and offers an unparalleled view of the seabed in airconditioned comfort. Turn up the music on the high-fidelity Bluetooth sound system and pop a couple of bottles of champagne into the chiller, then get ready for the ride of a lifetime in this incredible little submarine.


When it comes to an on-board cinema, the future is bright, the future is IMAX. The Canadian theatre company IMAX have been working to develop their Platinum private home cinema for the yachting community. With screens up to 24 meters wide and 13 meters high, this is the private cinema to beat all private cinemas onboard your superyacht. You’ll be able to watch preloaded films in 3D with an IMAX surround-sound system, or screen brand new blockbusters while you’re on charter. You will even be able to stream live underwater footage directly from your yacht’s cameras to the big screen to create the most impressive on-board aquarium on the planet, but we think you’ll agree that the first film to watch in your IMAX Theatre, will of course be the latest James Bond thriller!

The x2 Sport
The x2 Sport hasn’t turned up in a Bond film yet, but it can only be a matter of time. This nifty little device is the world’s first high-performance wearable underwater jet pack, and it will have you zooming through the open water faster than any Olympic swimmer. Simply strap on the powerful Hydra thrusters and zip through the ocean at speeds in excess of 6mph, perfect for escaping a Bond villain or simply impressing your friends and family back on-board. Guide yourself through the water by pointing your arms in the direction you want to go, and then twist and spin to your heart’s desire. When it comes to using the x2 Sport, creators S.C.P. Marine Innovation are clear, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

007 is always impeccably dressed for every occasion, and with the new Pro Series HD Colours from OceanLED, you can ensure that your yacht is just as stylish by lighting it up. Program a vibrant colour sequence or set the mood for pre-dinner cocktails on deck with a thrilling lighting display. The high-powered underwater LED lights can be controlled by your on-board system or via an app on your phone or iPad, so changing the colours to suit your mood is a breeze. Light up the night as you cruise the coastline or make sure that all eyes are on you while you’re anchored in the port, the OceanLED lights will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

5 Gadgets James Bond would have on his Yacht