Top 5 Wild Christmas ideas for those who have everything

December 13,2022

The sky's the limit this Christmas. Go beyond and get that special someone something they'll never forget...

1. The Himalaya Birkin Bag 


Everyone has heard of the elusive, coveted Birkin bag. Inspired by Jane Birkin in 1984, this Hermes bag embodies luxury and class. The clean shaping is completely iconic, and synonymous with glamour. These precious bags come in many different forms and designs, the most expensive being the Himalaya Birkin. Made out of the skin of an albino crocodile only found in the Himalayas, this is an incredibly rare piece, and a must have for the winter season.  They are incredibly hard to find, but if you get in contact at Hermes you might just get lucky enough to be presented with one of these beautiful pieces.

The Himalaya Birkin start at $150,000 USD, but at auction have been known to go for prices as high as $380,000 USD. 



2. The Bremont Codebreaker


This incredibly special piece is a watch to behold. It’s made from the cogs of the enigma machine – yes, the very same machine that helped the UK and their Allies win the Second World War. The crown of the watch also contains a little piece of the floorboards from the cabin in Bletchley Park, where enigma was situated during the war. With less than 300 of these existing in the world, they’re a tough find, and an incredibly impressive piece to behold. Enquire at Bremont to see if they can find one for you.

The rose gold edition is currently valued at 35,000 GBP, while the stainless steel is valued at 18,000 GBP. 



3. Andrew Grima Citrine Ring  


Andrew Grima is one of the most respected jewelry makers in the world, and his work has been revered for years. He has won 13 De Beers Diamond International Awards – more than any other jeweler in the world. Any piece from his beautiful collections and archives would be perfect for this Christmas, but we decided to hone in on one piece in particular – the citrine ring, set in an intricate gold. This piece is enormous, and is without a doubt one of Grima’s most famous and iconic designs. Mostly found in auction houses, if you get in touch with Sotheby’s, you may be able to find one.

The Andrew Grima Citrine Rings tend to be valued at around 10,000 GBP. 


 4. Isabella’s Islay Whiskey


Famously named the most expensive whiskey in the world, this whiskey will quite literally take your breath away. A velvety texture and a refreshing finish are just two of the small elements that make this single malt whiskey so desired. Why not go the extra mile and buy the special edition bottle? In a hand-made English glass bottle, finished with gold and diamond lettering and packaged in a hand-carved English wood box, this bottle will not disappoint.

These bottles are valued at $6.2 million USD, and can be enquired about on the Isabella Islay website

5. A neon yellow python


Mike Tyson doesn’t need to be the only outlandish pet owner. Ball Pythons are among the most popular pet snakes. They are good beginner snakes because they are docile and easy to care. Not to mention, these gentle reptiles are a total talking piece and a brilliant addition to any wildlife-lovers home. Be bold and get that attention you deserve.

These gracious beauties can be picked up for less than $150 USD, proving you don’t need to spend a lot of money to blow anyone else’s gift out of the water.