Charter Destination: Fiji

August 25,2022

The classic postcard picture of a golden beach, water as blue as the sky, and the iconic palm tree in the forefront as the sun sets in the distance, can be made a reality in the beautiful country of Fiji.

North of New Zealand, located in the South Pacific Ocean, lies the tropical haven of Fiji. This stunning archipelago consisting of over 300 islands is renowned for its white sand beaches, an abundance of exotic marine life and a warm tropical climate, resulting in the perfect holiday destination for any time of the year.

What’s more, to add to the appeal of this paradise, thanks to changes in regulations, Fiji is now much more accessible for those choosing to visit by yacht. On 29th July an amendment was made to the Super Yacht Act, which comprises a new definition of the term “Superyacht”, changing the original minimum length of 24 metres to 18 metres, on top of a reduction of charter fees, now requiring a minimum gross charter fee of US $30,000, reduced from $50,000. There is a 5% tax for charters in French Polynesia / Tahiti / Fiji.

Furthermore, earlier in the year, the New Zealand Marine Industry Association introduced a new regulation that allows foreign-flagged superyachts to cruise each country’s waters for a minimum of two years on a revolving basis under the new Temporary Import Entry (TIE). These changes were implemented in the hope to encourage more superyachts to visit the South Pacific, in order to expand their tourism industry and to increase interest in those seeking a luxury charter experience.

One of Fiji’s greatest attractions is its sensational array of aquatic life. For those seeking a life filled with adventure, scuba diving in Fiji’s waters is a must. With beautiful coral reefs, bright colourful fish and even turtles and dolphins, Fiji is the ideal location for those wanting to explore the oceans around them. For those new to scuba diving, the Mamanuca Islands offer calm lagoons and beautiful coral reefs as well as deeper spots for those more advanced. Turtles, healthy corals, and beautiful reef fish can be spotted in these waters all year round. For those who seek more of a challenge and are looking for a thrill, the Beqa Lagoon area is a great spot for those brave enough to swim amongst sharks, as it’s home to the country’s Shark Reef Marine Reserve.

On board SURI 63m, there is an immense array of water toys including wakeboards and jet skis as well as an on-board scuba master whose knowledge and expertise will guide you to the best scuba spots in Fiji. Here you can discover all the marine life this county has to offer, helping to create that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fiji is known worldwide for its picture-perfect sandy beaches. A must for your bucket list is the infamous Monuriki Island. Not only is this scenic volcanic island home to immaculate white sand beaches, crystal clear water and diverse vegetation, but it was also the location of the 2000 classic film Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks. Another great beach spot is Caqalai, a hidden gem often overlooked but definitely worth the visit. This idyllic small island is part of the Lomaiviti group and takes only 15 minutes to walk around. Expect to see some breathtaking scenery as you walk along its golden shores and look out across the blue glistening sea.

If you choose to charter in Fiji, onboard THE BEAST 39m, expect to have the easiest beach drop-offs you have ever experienced thanks to its 9m amphibious tender, landing you on shore in style.

A trip to Fiji is the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and find your zen. As you cruise around the charming islands make sure to take some time for yourself by trying an authentic Fijian spa treatment at one of its luxurious spa destinations. The Valeni Sasauni Spa Sanctuary is an award-winning spa that offers traditional Fijian treatments that uses local products, fully embodying the spirit of the islands.

To further enhance your holiday of luxury and peace, aboard BIG FISH 45m, you can relax in the deck jacuzzi or have a moment all to yourself as you take in your stunning surroundings in the lookout lounge.

With all it has to offer, Fiji is certainly a bucket list destination and the ideal location for a charter experience of a lifetime!