Superyachts and Heli-Skiing: The Perfect Winter Holiday

June 22,2022


Superyachts and heli-skiing, which places should you go to?

Are you getting ready for the 2022 ski season? SuperYachtsMonaco is delighted to share some info and locations for all those thrill-seekers who enjoy getting out on the slopes with their yacht and helicopter.

Every fan of skiing knows that Canada is undoubtedly one of the top spots for heli-skiing in the world. Some would even claim that Canada is the capital of deep-powder skiing and the birthplace of some of the best big mountain skiers. One of the places chartering a yacht is an absolute must is the Bella Coola First Nations area in British Columbia. The main reason for this, aside from the breathtakingly gorgeous nature and mountain views is the fact that the coastal mountain range tends to get more snow than the interior mountains of Canada, in addition to that the climate is also much less harsh making it more enjoyable for skiing.

Baffin Island in the Canadian High Arctic

If something exotic and unexplored sounds more like your cup of tea, then you will be delighted to hear those places exist and are accessible through heli-skiing. The northernmost ski areas in the Arctic tundra of the Cordillera Mountain Range is the perfect place to go on slopes that no one has skied on before. From March to May is the shorter and later season there, but visiting, will provide daring adventurers the chance to make new trails in a frozen wilderness that has not yet been explored. Skiers will be confronted with some of the world’s longest couloirs and steepest vertical cliff faces as they navigate the stunning terrain. Along with skiing, there are many opportunities to learn more about and interact with the Inuit and their culture.


If you travel south to the opposite end of the Americas, Patagonia’s winter splendor is there to be discovered. The cloud-piercing Andes, which have summits that reach heights of between 2,500 and 6,800 meters, may offer ideal slopes as well as enough light powder snow for skiers to plow through on the way down. Then there is the stunning alpine splendor, which is reachable from Santiago, Chile’s capital. Intermingled with frozen lakes and fjords, the pampas-covered plains are coated in white all throughout the austral winter.


India is a lesser-known ski location that provides the best heli-skiing in the heart of the majestic Himalayas. Set up camp in the Bay of Bengal before sailing up to the Himachal Pradesh area for an unforgettable heli-skiing adventure. With its high peaks, tree-line skiing, and expansive terrain, this region—known as the Valley of the Gods—has everything you could possibly need for exciting heli-skiing. Be among the first to visit this fantastic ski resort before the rest of the world realizes how stunning it is.


The Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia is known as one of the snowiest places on earth. This makes it the perfect destination for avid skiers as well as making it a heli-skiing paradise. Due to the vast size of the ski terrain in Kamchatka, which is literally the size of Switzerland, once you reach the summit you will have hours upon hours of long slopes to go down and explore.  Along this wild and untamed landscape, over 200 volcanoes are spread out over the 1000 km long peninsula, many of those volcanoes still being active. The experience of a lifetime awaits you when you go heli-skiing in Russia’s land of ice and fire.

Regardless of where you decide to go with your yacht for heli-skiing, we assure you that the scenery, experience, and atmosphere will be breathtaking!

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