Stunning Locations To Add To The Winter Wish List

August 23,2021

With the Summer Season coming to a close in the Mediterranean, perhaps now is the time to look at contenders for the Wish List.

With the Christmas period nearing and plans getting underway for next year’s holidays, it is the perfect opportunity to consider some other options away from the Mediterranean. Our team can help you to experience what destinations such as Norway, Antarctica and South America have to offer. With some of these boats also offering Helicopter Packages and Adventure Guide Packages, why not make the most of these stunning locations.


As one of the happiest countries in the world, Norway is the perfect place for exploring, whether that be witnessing the Northern Lights or experiencing a complete day without the sun setting. Traveling up the coast you will be treated to views of the traditionally built and colourful Hanseatic style houses and the steep-sided fjords which truly are a sight to see.


This once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness one of the most remote regions on earth is perfect for those who love exploration. Guests can witness the endless icy landscapes, take a polar plunge on Deception Island and take advantage of the 24-hour daylight in the summer. The amazing marine life is definitely something that attracts people to the area as the boats are passed by huge whales, seals and penguins.

South America

Located along the Pacific Ocean, South America offers a plethora of opportunities to see wildlife that has not been affected by humankind. There is a melting pot of different species of both animal and plants with the famous Galapagos tortoises, from which the Galapagos Islands were named. The coastal islands of the Galapagos are remains of volcanic cones which makes many of the species on the islands endemic. A charter in this area includes views of the blowhole on Espanola Island where water can spout up to 50-75 feet and Santa Fe island to appreciate the colonies of sea lions, lava lizards and sea turtles that inhabit this rocky coastline.


The mountains are calling from the northernmost point of America. Alaska has so much to offer with mountains, lakes, volcanoes and the world’s largest temperate rainforest. Throughout the charter, it is possible to go to places such as the Glacier Bay National Park where you can kayak in front of the three of the most famous glaciers in the park, or take a dip in the hot springs at the scenic Spring Bay Falls. There is also plenty of opportunity for freshwater fishing for trout or just to witness the bears catching them for themselves. There is plenty of availability to explore the nature and wildlife of this wonderful state in Summer 2022.


Aldabra is a beautiful World Heritage Site and the largest raised coral atoll on the planet, covering around 50 square miles. Furthermore, Aldabra is mainly uninhabited apart from the warden and staff of the research station. The Indian Ocean version of the Galapagos, Aldabra also contains the largest number of giant tortoises to be found anywhere and its gigantic lagoon is a haven for a fascinating array of marine life. The richness and diversity of the ocean will make a charter here a truly amazing experience with an array of colours and formations throughout the atoll.

Eastern Russia

A charter in Eastern Russia takes you to the home of polar bears, walruses, snow geese and snowy owls. The Kamchatka coastline is one of the most well-known and popular locations for charters. The dramatic coastline here will provide views of volcanoes, thermal baths and impressively steep cliffsides. Furthermore, as an area that is rich in history, guests will enjoy visiting the Far East where they will learn about the Soviet war history and indigenous cultures.