Interview: Juan Andrade SuperYachtsMonaco Sales Broker

March 29,2023

Juan Andrade

An insight into Juan Andrade's 20 years of yachting experience

How did you begin your career in yachting?

My father was the first person to sell yachts in the north of Spain and, in a way, I was pretty much born onboard a boat. We were the dealers for Jeanneau and Fairline for almost 40 years, so I was surrounded by boats from the very beginning. I spent about 6 months in the water with sailing yachts and small boats doing water sports and fishing. So I was lucky enough to know what my passion was since I was young.

Describe your most difficult sale.

I think I will always remember my second sale at SuperYachtsMonaco, it was a Mangusta, and Christopher Mosley and I were representing the Seller. It was a gentleman who didn’t speak any English, was in financial difficulties and every day we had a new surprise. During the process of the sale, the yacht was arrested and we had to deal with the arrest without using any lawyers on our side as the Owner didn’t have money to pay for it. Also, the completion date was very challenging because some of the documents were late, it was very bad weather and the yacht was floating in international waters. But we got there at the end, on the morning of 24th December. Now that I see it from the distance, I think it was fun.

What would you like to achieve (a goal) as a broker in the next 5 years?

I would like to sell a new build project. I was working on one project but then COVID-19 hit and the whole thing collapsed. So I would say my goal would be to sell a new build project.

In your opinion, what sets SuperYachtsMonaco apart from the rest?

It’s not easy to explain in a couple of lines, but I genuinely think that we don’t play games, we really try very hard to help people find what matches their needs, whether chartering a yacht, building a new dream family boat, or buying and selling a second-hand yacht. We make things happen in the most honest and transparent way possible. We have many repeat clients and everyone enjoys working with us, even our competitors, which I believe is very good proof that we are doing something right.