Interview: Christopher Mosley SuperYachtsMonaco Sales Broker

December 13,2022

Coming up on his 8th year at SuperYachtsMonaco, we sit down with Sales Broker Christopher Mosley to see what makes him tick...

1. How did your career begin in yachting?

I was pursuing a career in finance from abroad and on the lookout for roles in the South of France when SuperYachtsMonaco had a job opening. Yachting (or rather boating) was something that my family had always done, and the opportunity was appealing. That was in 2015 and I haven’t looked back since.


2. Describe your most difficult sale

Without mentioning names, the headliner was a direct sale between buyer and seller in late 2020. The buyer couldn’t visit the vessel due to Covid restrictions; the seller was unable to attend to/ fund the vessel’s maintenance and sales needs in the last 12 months.

Creditors were accumulating and getting angrier. Due to the neglected maintenance, we couldn’t perform a sea trial and soon it was revealed the 3-year-old engines were in desperate need of replacement. Discussions were reaching a boiling point; the buyer was ready to give up, the seller exasperated and the creditors threatening action.

We managed to agree a deal with all parties and closed the sale. However, the real work for me had only just begun as the buyer wanted the vessel shipped to the US from Genoa. The vessel had no crew, no engines, and no insurance, as no underwriter wanted to touch it.  Storms were coming in and the shipment date merely days away; it required many sleepless nights and favours, countless nail-biting moments and feeling very alone as the vessel was towed across the Ligurian sea, loaded on the ship, sailed across the Atlantic and arrived in the US.

I still applaud the buyer who put his faith in me against the odds and, for who in return, I reserve unrestricted attention. Once the vessel arrived, the refit became a total rebuild, the Buyer loves finding new ways of improving her and we regularly keep in touch.

“Believe me, I know I could not have done this without your help. You’ve been unbelievable.” – Buyer. 24.09.2020

A few honourable mentions:

– A seller with no lawyer, his arrested yacht, recalcitrant creditors, and a Christmas eve closing; representing the seller

– Documentation argument on VAT paid evidence leading to arbitration, wild accusations, a 4.5-month ordeal; resolved and deal concluded

– Only off-market marketing, vessel laid up, with holes in the hull, no survey or sea trial possible. Concluded in 6 months from sales mandate signed, finding a buyer to the sale closing.

Every sale has been an adventure with new surprises, all that matters is how these are dealt with on the moment. I keenly look towards the next challenge and look forward to what could come up next.


3. What is one of your brokerage goals in the next 5 years?

Sell more boats, maintain the early relationships, and establish a recognised, specific market segment expertise. Work in progress…


4. What sets SuperYachtsMonaco apart from the rest, in your opinion?

We’re purposefully compact. We sit down with our clients as a company to listen without pre-conceived ideas or attempts to unjustly steer; the entire company adjusts to the needs of the moment and if the match isn’t right, we’re happy to advise who might fit better. Everyone at SYM is approachable and attentive; none are above another. We understand the importance of, and the equal respect required for, the humblest supplier to the most prominent Owner. We’re not interested in shortcuts; we’re invested in the long term and protect the facilities required to assure that vision. I can see a long, successful and reputable career with SYM.


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