Inside The Queen’s Yacht, HMY BRITANNIA

September 21,2022

Take a dive into the world of the royals, and read all about Queen Elizabeth II's yacht, the HMY BRITANNIA.

Here at SuperYachtsMonaco, we were deeply saddened by the passing of the legendary Queen Elizabeth II. To honour her memory, we would like to talk about her yacht, the HMY BRITANNIA, that served Her Majesty for an incredible 44 years; from 1953 to 1997.  

The HMY BRITANNIA is an impressive 126m in length, and was built in Scotland by the highly respected John Brown and Company. Her interiors represent the epitome of luxury and class, reserved only for the royals. Her engine had 1200 horsepower, and boasted a speed of 21 knots, which is incredibly impressive for a yacht that size! She has also sailed an immense million nautical miles in her time, taking the royal family to 135 countries. 

The HMY BRITANNIA has a beautiful stately interior of warm woods, soft fabric upholstery and elegant lighting, creating a very luxurious and authentic atmosphere. BRITANNIA was the only Royal residence for which both HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Prince Philip had final say in its design. The Queen wanted the interior to reflect an English countryside home, and she insisted on having a fireplace installed in the living room, in order to enhance the ambience. 

There are a mind-blowing 1837 staterooms on board, to house the 4406 guests that the yacht has capacity for. Out of these there are only a select few that are reserved for the royal family, and these are called the Royal Residences. These rooms are equipped with plush white carpets, lavish bed spreads, and ambient lighting. Interestingly, everyone on this yacht has a separate room, even the late Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II themselves. In fact, the only double bed on board was acquired for King Charles III and his late first wife Diana Spencer, for the couple honeymooned on the HMY BRITANNIA. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Sovereign to determine when everyone could retire to sleep – only once they have chosen it is time to go to bed, can anyone actually sleep!

The gorgeous dining room boasts an impressive 32-seat mahogany table, for guests and royals to enjoy meal times. As for the meal times of the crew, HMY BRITANNIA is actually kitted out with multiple pubs on board! These pubs would serve food, and would have beer on tap, simulating a real English pub so that the crew members would feel at home on board, and have a space to relax and just hang out together.

The Sun Lounge was Her Majesty The Queen’s favourite room onboard, where she would enjoy breakfast and afternoon tea.

the sun lounge HMY Britannia

The yacht can currently be found in Scotland, at the Port of Leith in Edinbourgh, where she is available for public viewings and tours. 

HMY BRITANNIA a was the first Royal Yacht to be built with complete ocean-going capacity and designed as a Royal residence to entertain guests around the world. When she was decommissioned in 1997, it marked the end of a long tradition of British Royal Yachts, dating back to 1660 and the reign of Charles II.