GPT-4 and how it changes the game

March 29,2023

GPT-4 enters the chat... and it's better than ever

AI is going to change the world. It can help everyone, from companies, to entrepreneurs, to students. Chat-GPT is a pioneer of the every day use of AI, as a language model. It can churn out any type of text you need it to, and we know that AI is only going to get more advanced from here.

ChatGPT took the world by storm when it first entered the world wide web in November of 2022. Now, almost 5 months later, GPT-4 has entered the scene, and its capabilities far supercede that of it’s predecessor. 

GPT-4 has a multitude of new capabilities, and here are some of the ones we find to be most useful and exciting.

  1. GPT-4 can also summarize and interpret complex texts such as laws or contracts. This can be done by copying an extract into ChatGPT and asking it to explain the given text in simple words. This will serve as an enormous time-saving service, as readers won’t have to spend time reading and re-reading complicated texts and contracts.

2. To further this, GPT-4 can even interpret links. For example, paste a link into the chat box, ask it to summarise or even rewrite the article, and it can do so. The time that this will save is immeasurable. We can all wave goodbye to reading through pages upon pages of text just to find the one thing we need.

3. Another exciting skill that GPT-4 can do is pass exams. It was rumoured to have passed the bar exam for law, and even though this isn’t true, it did pass four of the preceding law school exams. In the age of online exams, in schools and in universities, this might just change the lives of some particularly devious students out there.

4. GPT-4 also has the capacity to write javascript and coding to make a website, even if based on the vaguest of pointers. One curious user scribbled down on a piece of paper 3 bullet points of what he wanted his website to say and look like. He then took a picture of it, put it into GPT-4, and within minutes, the coding had been written, and the website made. This has got to be one of the most impressive features of the AI, as the scribbles were truly in their most rudimentary form.

5. You can even use it as translator. This can be used when translating emails or texts in another language, and being able to respond in the same language. Not only is it able to translate a text into another language with less errors than, for example, Google Translate, but it is also able to rewrite it in a way that makes the email sound more tonally appropriate, and more legitimate for the language in use.

6. GPT-4 is also so much more creative than its predecessor. It has the ability to compose the foundations of music, and even plays. When asking it to compose a piece of classical music, it will list all instruments, and denote movements with the intended direction, such as ‘Andante’ or ‘sempre staccatto’.  In terms of screenplay, you can ask it to compose a play on any subject, and it will come up with characters, a storyline, and depict scene by scene how the play can go.

Overall, GPT-4 is a wonderful tool that can help any person, organisation or company, with a very wide range of capabilities. Click below to discover how GPT-4 can help you!