SuperYachtsMonaco partners with Bitcashier to accept Cryptocurrency Payments

December 1,2022

Bitcashier, is a leading crypto payment trading platform who help companies or HNWI to buy and sell luxury goods with cryptocurrency.

So, what is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital, virtual currency that has been made completely secure by cryptography. There are many different types of cryptocurrency, and many of these currencies take the form of decentralised networks, that are distributed by a large, disparate network of computers. This network is based on blockchain technology, which is a database mechanism that allows the transparent sharing of information within a business. 

One of these types of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a secure, digital currency that is used to virtually exchange money. There is no authority and no central bank, meaning that it is completely open and compatible across all platforms, technologies and borders. 


What Bitcashier does:

Bitcashier is a company founded in 2019, who aids customers to buy and sell luxury goods across all platforms, and at the best prices. They facilitate the use of cryptocurrency as payment, without subjecting the buyer or the seller to the risk of holding cryptocurrency. They operate with complete discretion, and they also use chain analysis. Chain analysis is the monitoring of every field of cryptocurrency, which helps them to ensure that their work is safe, and understand the common network movements. Bitcashier is a European regulated company that operates worldwide. 

Bitcashier supports the use of all leading coins in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, UDSC and USDT. Bitcasher is also a leading crypto payment trading platform.