Check Out Iguana Yachts’ Lineup of Amphibious Vessels

May 27,2021

Motor Yacht Iguana for Sale

Whether on land or at sea, Iguana's yacht range has something to meet any owner's needs.

Based in Normandy, France, Iguana Yachts is a shipbuilder that specializes in amphibious vessels. Indeed, all Iguanas share certain characteristics, the most notable of which is their landing tracks. These can be deployed to allow Iguanas to effortlessly ride along sandy surfaces, which greatly facilitates the unloading of cargo or passengers. This way, both owners of private islands as well as yachts will find Iguanas quite useful. Additionally,  all Iguana owners benefit from 24/7 assistance and an extended guarantee. If problems should arise, Iguana can conduct diagnostics on the yacht via 4G and even control its movements by remote. Aside from these features, each of the 8 Iguana yachts was designed with its own special purpose in mind. For more information on the builds below do not hesitate to contact us.



The roughly 10m Iguana COMMUTER is Iguana’s most advanced model. She can reach speeds of up to 42 knots thanks to her twin Mercury 225 HP engines and also has a double cabin in the front to which guests can retire. Starting at €598,000, the COMMUTER is available for sale on our website. Check her out on Vimeo for a better look.



Iguana COUPÉ

Iguana Yachts’ 9.20m COUPÉ stands out from the crowd with how customisable she is. New owners can choose from a large list of options and also fully customise the yacht’s color, engines, and accessories. Even the base variant will be equipped with a chart plotter and a VHF radio. The COUPÉ is currently for sale, costing €473,800 without any options. Check her out on YouTube for a better look.




The Iguana DAY LIMO is focused more on transportation. Her generous seating compartment can accommodate up to 12 guests, and her canopy can fold into 4 different positions, allowing her to fully isolate passengers from the elements if need be. Additionally, DAY LIMO has ergonomic handholds placed on her sides to make embarking and disembarking a breeze. The yacht is currently on sale. Check her out on YouTube for a better look.




Iguana Yachts’ EXCLUSIVE is the ideal yacht for fishing aficionados. Aside from the usual Iguana package, she comes with 10 integrated rod holders, a Livewell, and an insulated fish box with a macerator. Whatever fish is caught can then be prepared on the spot with her integrated grill. She is currently for sale and available for €315,000. Check her out on YouTube for a better look.




As the name suggests, the Iguana KNIGHT combines durability and style in one impressive package. Her tough hull and bimini ensure that guests will have a dry ride onboard, and she is made with the finest materials. Interior seating uses leather-like fabric that is not afraid of scratches or water. The KNIGHT is currently available for  €361,000. Check her out on YouTube for a better look.




The Iguana ORIGINAL specializes in versatility. Some of her parts, such as her engines, can be upgraded, and she has enough room to transports goods and passengers at the same time. What’s more, she includes a deployable ladder and integrated refrigerator. Currently, the base model can be purchased for €420,000. Check her out on YouTube for a better look.



Iguana SPORT

The Iguana SPORT is an ode to simplicity. Everything in her design is meant to ensure that guests have a comfortable stay onboard. She provides ample seating and has a sleek design. Also, she is quite easy to learn to drive. The SPORT is available to purchase for €360,000. Check her out on YouTube for a better look at how her amphibious tracks work.



Iguana X100

Last but not least, the Iguana X100 is a jack of all trades. Her large deck space allows for the transport of multiple guests and cargo simultaneously. Additionally, new owners can choose to swap out the X100’s petrol engine for an electric one. Starting at €240,000, she is available for sale. Check her out on YouTube for a better look.


Should you wish to receive brochures and in-depth specifications for any of the above, please feel free to contact us. We standby to assist you with your new yachting ambitions.