Consider these 5 unique toys for your next yachting experience

March 3,2021

Underwater or on the water, these toys are designed to thrill and enthrall.

For your own fun, for family and friends onboard your yacht or to ensure a fuller booking calendar if you charter your yacht, there are plenty of options for underwater and on-the-water toys.

Underwater drones

While not as popular as their flying cousins, underwater drones are an exciting way to explore sea beds. They emit little to no vibrations and sound, which means that they can get up close to sea life without scaring it. The drones can take pictures and broadcast the view of their cameras to the user. Their general advantage is that they are small and relatively cheap. So, virtually any yacht owner will have the room to add a drone to their toy list. Drones also excel at moving in shallow depths where most sea life is concentrated. At SuperYachtsMonaco, our favorite drone is the award-winning PowerRay Wizard.

This drone is designed to give users a unique and immersive experience. It can descend to depths of 30m (~100 feet) on a 70m cord and provide real-time 4k video at 30fps. Its impressive battery allows the PowerRay Wizard to stay submerged for up to 4 hours. What’s more, it comes with a dedicated VR headset that can be used to guide the drone simply by turning one’s head. It can also include the PowerSeeker Fishfinder, which, as the name suggests, can detect schools of fish in the vicinity for easier exploration. Currently, the PowerRay Wizard is available for $ 999.



Personal submarines

If your yacht has the room and budget to spare, personal submarines are an excellent choice to spice up your toy list. They offer guests a chance to get up close and personal with exceptional sea life that can’t be seen otherwise. There is also the possibility to explore and discover shipwrecks. What’s more, submarines can stay submerged for considerable amounts of time, contrary to drones. If you are looking for a high-class and dependable submersible, then the Triton 1650/3 LP is for you.

Based on its most basic characteristics, it is clear that the 1650/3 was designed to be used on a superyacht; it is currently the world’s smallest and lightest three-person submersible, taking up roughly as much space as two jet skis. But its size does not compromise its capabilities. Triton’s sub can descend to depths of up to 500m (1,640 feet) for up to 12 hours. In theory, guests could spend the entire day underwater if they wished! Not to mention that the 1650/3 was built by the same team that built the only submarine capable of descending to Full Ocean Depth. This level of quality does not come cheap, however. Depending on the options you choose, the Triton 1650/3 can set you back around $3.3 million.



Lift eFoils

If you prefer exploring the sea on the surface, then eFoils are the option for you. These are some of the more recently developed toys on this list, and they give users the feeling of surfing without needing waves. A propulsion system attached beneath the board gives it enough power to lift itself off the surface. Since eFoils don’t take up much more space than a common surfing board it would be easy for any yacht owner to make room for them. Here at SuperYachtsMonaco, we believe that the best foils available are the ones sold by the inventors: the Lift eFoils.

Available in multiple sizes, Lift’s eFoils can suit any type of user. The 4′ 4″ model is excellent for riders who are already proficient with eFoils and prefer extra maneuverability and control. In contrast, the largest 6’2″ model is larger but perfect for beginners. It only takes a little less than an hour to be able to stay balanced. Regardless, all models can go up to 40 km/h and can be used for more than 1 hour before needing to be recharged. What’s more, all eFoils can be controlled with a wireless joystick and have a completely customisable design. Lift has also streamlined the price of its eFoils, meaning that all eFoil sizes cost the same: €13,043.



Jet skis

A staple of any toy list, jet skis are a reliable item that finds an excellent balance between speed (of which they offer plenty) and accessibility. It takes almost no training to be able to ride one and still receive exhilarating thrills. Even so, it is important to have the latest jet skis to keep an advantage over other yachts, and for this, we recommend the 2021 Seadoo GTI  SE 170.

Released this year, the GTI SE 170 is built to be a jack of all trades, able to meet the needs of any guest aboard. Its motor is the most powerful ever equipped on a Seadoo jetski and can reach impressive speeds. It also comes equipped with a smart braking system, allowing more immediate action to be taken. The jetski’s hull is also more lightweight and resistant to scratches than other models. For yacht owners wishing to customise their new toys, there are a lot of options available, as well as a quick-attach system for add-ons and a manufacturer-installed waterproof audio system. The GTI SE 170 is available in neon yellow and orange. If the motor is too powerful for you, then the GTI SE is also available in a weaker 130 model.


The Seabreacher

And now for the final item which is sure to impress anyone wishing to revamp their toy list: the Seabreacher. Ever wondered what it’s like to swim like a dolphin? Well, wonder no more! With its aquadynamic design, this toy is built for speed and verticality. Its engine allows it to race across the water surface and also dive for short periods of time. If you like to feel the rush of the wind on your face, then the Seabreacher can open its cockpit while on the surface. With only a few hours of training, any guest can become a proficient Seabreach pilot and have the confidence to perform all kinds of tricks like barrel rolls. To add to this, the exterior is fully customisable. Depending on the specific model and paint job, a Seabreacher can cost anywhere between $80,000 and $100,000.

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