Western Mediterranean

yacht charter in West Med

Connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Ancient World, the West Med is an idyllic region, with some of the most attractive and breath-taking vistas. Spanning from the coast of Spain to the shores of the South of France and Monaco, and flowing through the Balearics, Corsica, and Sardinia to Italy, this paradisiac region is sure to offer the perfect balance of exploration, luxury, and relaxation. It overflows with a deep-rooted history of the empires of bygone eras and exudes personality from the friendly locals. The fun and colourful architecture melds into nature perfectly, while the sumptuous cuisine earns the West Med the title of one of the best culinary spots in the world. The azure expanse of the Western Mediterranean is a one-of-a-kind destination: the contrast between the liveliness and dynamism of its big cities and the charm of its quaint, picturesque villages and secluded beaches is truly a sight to behold.