Colder Climes

yacht charter in Colder Climes

Is there anything more surreal than drifting through a sea of towering glaciers, endless horizons as the midnight sun or auroras light up the sky? Take pride in being a pioneer, exploring one of the most mysterious and exclusive areas on the planet rarely visited by humankind. Witness the icy wonderland of Greenland or experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Antarctica and discover one of the Earth’s most remote places on the planet. Take a trip to the gateway of the Arctic in Alaska to whale watch, and make sure to keep an eye out for dolphins. Head to Northern Europe to witness the Northern Lights in Sweden or hike up mountains and enjoy 24-hour sunlight in Norway, or spend the day in a traditional Finnish sauna. 

Bear witness to some of the rarest wildlife with orcas, narwhals, seals as well as polar bears, and penguins all being visible from onboard your yacht. Look out at an endless winter landscape from the comfort of your cozy lounge and enjoy all home comforts meanwhile being able to adventure as you like across the seemingly endless horizon of this final frontier.