The World’s Most Quirky Yacht Charter Destinations

March 12,2018

The World's Most Quirky Yacht Charter Destinations

Discover some of the world’s most quirky and far-flung destinations for a unique charter experience you'll never forget

Spending your summer in the Mediterranean and winter in the Caribbean is a lovely way to enjoy charter season. The endless sunshine and blue skies of the French Riviera make for a fabulous holiday while nothing beats the pristine white beaches and crystal clear water of the Caribbean islands. But with the rise in popularity of Explorer yachts, the world is becoming much more accessible and there are more and more exciting and remote charter destinations to discover. We’ve put together a guide to some of the quirkiest charter locations worldwide to help you get off the beaten track this season, for a one of a kind yachting experience.

Deception Island, South Shetland Islands – Volcanic hot springs in the Antarctic

Formed after a caldera volcanic explosion, quirky C-shaped Deception Island in the Antarctic is a summer destination with a difference thanks to its intriguing scenery and plentiful wildlife. It is also firmly in Explorer yacht territory, as Antarctica is one of the hardest places to reach on the planet, but this quirky little island is definitely worth the trip. Enjoy some spectacular coastal walks through beautiful icy scenery, or visit the former whaling station now used for scientific research, while keeping an eye out for the colony of Chinstrap penguins who have made the island their home. And for a truly unforgettable experience, dig a hole in the black sand down on Port Foster beach and relax in the warm water which is heated by the island’s volcano, this is not your average charter destination.

The World's Most Quirky Yacht Charter Destinations

Raja Ampat, Indonesia – Sharks, sharks and more sharks

There’s remote, and then there’s Raja Ampat, a region so vast and so distant that there’s the possibility you might not see another yacht during your entire trip. This enormous archipelago off Indonesia’s West Papua province is made up of over 1600 islands surrounded by some of the most diverse marine life in the world. Many of the islands are uninhabited and there are endless deserted coves and lagoons to explore. The first shark sanctuary in Indonesia, Raja Ampat is one of the best places in the world to see blacktip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, bull sharks and wobbegong sharks plus oceanic manta rays swimming peacefully alongside your yacht. Spend your days frontier diving through the crystalline seas and swim alongside these awesome predators in their natural environment in this beautiful and secluded corner of the ocean.

The World's Most Quirky Yacht Charter Destinations

Santa Fe Island & South Plaza Island, the Galapagos – Follow in Darwin’s footsteps

Another destination which calls for an Explorer yacht, the Galapagos is a remote archipelago just teaming with incredible species of plants and animals. Famously the inspiration for Darwin’s theory of evolution, the volcanic atolls and islands of the Galapagos are still as untouched as when Darwin himself visited the area back in the 19th century. Visit Santa Fe, an island made out of lava from millions of years ago and check out its incredible species of birds and lizards. Snorkel through the chilly waters of the lagoon and spot sea lions basking in the sun on the rocky shores. And on neighbouring South Plaza Island, keep an eye out for the hybrid marine/land iguanas before hiking over the rocks to take in the stunning views from the top of the steep cliffs.

The World's Most Quirky Yacht Charter Destinations

Leptepu Ford, Chile – Search for El Dorado

Another remote destination, the Leptepu Ford is hidden deep in the heart of Patagonia, Chile. Reputedly the river at the head of the Leptepu Ford leads the way to the lost South American city of El Dorado, but whilst you might not find El Dorado during your trip to Leptepu, you will be able to explore the dozens of fjords and majestic mountains which make up this glorious region. Spend your charter kayaking through unique little bays and get up close to one of the wild sea lion colonies, or go trekking through dense forests dripping with brightly coloured flowers. For a magical night-time experience, take a helicopter tour and watch the sun disappear behind the mountains before returning to your superyacht for an unforgettable dinner at the very end of the world.

The World's Most Quirky Yacht Charter Destinations

Zanzibar, Tanzania – Step back in time

Located in the warm waters of the Indian ocean, the Zanzibar archipelago is an exotic and historical charter destination. The Spice Islands are the ideal spot to discover deserted beaches and epic dive sites in gorgeous coral gardens just off the coast of Tanzania. This is a region with a rich history and hidden away on the islands you’ll find many monuments to the ancient Persian Empire. Go island hopping and explore forgotten coves with soft white sand or go ashore and discover the traditional spice markets dating back to the 16th century where you can drink Arabic coffee seasoned with ginger and taste perfumed spices grown in local plantations all over the Spice Islands. Catch the trade winds and head towards Zanzibar, this is the place for total rest and relaxation, far from the charter crowds.