Upcoming Changes in the Komodo National Park

April 18,2019

Upcoming Changes in the Komodo National Park

Find out how temporary changes in access to Komodo Island will enhance the charter experience aboard luxury motor yacht MISCHIEF

Based in the cruising grounds of Southeast Asia, glamorous 30m expedition charter yacht MISCHIEF has been helping guests discover hidden Indonesia since her delivery in 2015. The perfect yacht for a luxury voyage to the Indonesian Archipelago, one of her most sought-after charter itineraries takes guests off the beaten track with a cruise through the islands in the legendary Komodo National Park.

Easily accessible from Bali, the Komodo Archipelago is a fabulous charter destination with an exotic beauty all its own. Renowned for spectacular beaches, water sports, hiking and diving, the islands are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Spend your days swimming, snorkelling and diving before soaking up the atmosphere in one of MISCHIEF’s outdoor lounge/dining areas, the 29 islands of the National Park offer visitors endless possibilities for adventure.

Upcoming Changes in the Komodo National Park

An increasingly popular destination for visitors, Indonesian authorities are currently considering a temporary closure of Komodo Island to protect the island’s most famous residents, the Komodo dragons. Listed as an endangered species, there are only around 5700 dragons left in the wild and park authorities have planned this closure in order to prevent poaching and to increase the island’s Timor deer population, the Komodo dragons main source of food.

As yet, no official dates have been confirmed for the closure, but authorities have suggested it could last for a 12 month period to implement sustainable conservation efforts. A temporary measure, the closure would only apply to Komodo Island itself and would have very little effect on charters in the region as MISCHIEF’s dedicated 8-person crew take pride in providing an exclusive and totally unique charter experience within the Park.

All the other islands in the Archipelago will still be accessible to MISCHIEF’s guests as will all marine-based activity including diving and snorkelling in Komodo’s world-class dive sites. With a personal dive instructor onboard plus a full range of diving and snorkel gear, explore the crystal-clear waters around the islands and discover mantas, sea turtles, barracudas, sharks, dolphins and more in Komodo’s endless coral gardens.

Upcoming Changes in the Komodo National Park

Trekking and hiking onshore will also still be allowed during the closure enabling guests to explore the lush greenery of the islands. With active volcanoes, crater lakes and hidden waterfalls, the National Park is overflowing with stunning scenery. Stroll through the tropical forest on Moyo Island and watch macaque monkeys play in the trees or hike the rolling hills of Gili Lawa to enjoy breathtaking sunset views from the island’s panoramic viewpoints.

Most importantly of all, the planned closure of Komodo Island will not affect your chances of getting up close and personal with the infamous Komodo dragons. Smaller and less well-known than Komodo, let MISCHIEF take you to secluded Rinca Island, one of the best places to see these ancient lizards in their natural habitat. Drop anchor in Horseshoe Bay to watch sleeping dragons basking on the beach then go ashore for to hunt dragons in the island’s savannah.

With so much to see and do within the boundaries of the National Park, the temporary closure of Komodo Island shouldn’t pose any problem for those in search of an extraordinary adventure. An exclusive and totally unique charter destination, there’s never been a better time to experience this breathtaking region aboard MISCHIEF.