The Man Behind The Art

July 21,2021

Meet the artist who pushed our design to the next level...

Jason Brooks is an award-winning lifestyle and fashion illustrator and was commissioned by SuperYachtsMonaco to create the unique artworks found on our website and in-office. Jason is from Brighton, England and was inspired to become an artist by his parents from a young age. He graduated from St Martin College and Royal College of Art with degrees in Graphic Design and Illustration. He worked with British Vogue and won the Vogue Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award for Fashion Illustration. His portfolio includes works for The Face, Vogue, Elle, and the World of Interiors.

The paintings are synonymous with the Monaco/Riviera chich and yachting lifestyle we wish to deliver to our clients, not just in the Principality, but all over the world, from sea to sea. The works take you across the exciting lives of characters enjoying a charter or their own yacht(s). With these images, we align ourselves visually with the perfect moments, look, and lifestyle our clients desire.

Jason Brook’s art can be found throughout our office.  The pieces are a powerful component of our branding. Storytelling is key for the luxury factor to flourish. It is important for our clients to feel like they are a part of our story – almost as if they were in the pieces themselves.

Jason Brooks’ works include other high-profile luxury businesses including the Orient Express, featuring an elegant passenger wearing a fur shapka as the train whistles through the snow, and the Peninsula Hotels in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai, featuring a fashionista with a bellboy by her side. Even Virgin Atlantic is represented with cabin crew walking down the “runway.”

Please feel free to contact Jason Brooks for more information or discover additional art of his at:

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Instagram: jasonbrooksart

Selected masterpieces can be downloaded for your desktop here with the password ‘wallpapers’.