Superyacht Activity for 2016

January 1,2017

2016 was a steady year for the superyacht industry with the global market remaining stable throughout the 12-month period. Figures show that sales were up on 2015 with 235 30m+ yachts ordered and delivered during the year. The average length of the yachts ordered was 41.15m and Italy is once again the most popular manufacturer worldwide with their shipyards producing more superyachts than any other country

During the year we saw several trends emerge in superyacht design and construction, plus changes to the lifestyle enjoyed by owners and charter guests on board. When it comes to construction, owners are increasingly looking to explore remote or exotic locations rather than the familiar tranquil cruising grounds. Designers are therefore offering more long-range capabilities for destinations such as Antarctica, Indonesia and the Galapagos Islands.

In terms of design, we saw a move away from traditional interior design towards lighter more open-plan spaces that are able to accommodate the entire family. Outdoor areas were also a key focus with beach clubs encompassing gyms, spas and lounge spaces becoming a superyacht must-have.

Sustainability remained an important trend in 2016 and eco-friendly hybrid technology was in demand from owners looking for fuel-efficient solutions and ways to offset their carbon footprint whilst cruising.

Superyacht toys were big business in 2016 and the most popular were hi-tech gadgets such as hoverboards, quadskis and jetlevs. On board entertainment was also a focal point with media rooms and both indoor and outdoor cinemas in vogue with owners and guests.

Lifestyle changes revolved around fitness and wellbeing, during the year more superyachts offered the services of personal trainers, nutritionists and masseurs to guests wishing to maintain their healthy on-shore lifestyle whilst on charter.

2017 promises to pick up where 2016 left off with several new superyacht projects already under construction and the promise of more to come. It just remains to be seen what new trends these launches will bring and how the industry will evolve and expand during the year. If it’s time to sell or purchase a yacht yourself and you want to contribute to the 2017 figures then contact us here or view the current superyachts for sale.

Superyacht Activity for 2016