THE MALTESE FALCON is off to the Maldives this Winter 2021/2022

October 26,2021

Maltese Falcon

This winter, the iconic MALTESE FALCON is setting sail for the Maldives, Red Ocean and Seychelles

The MALTESE FALCON is the epitome of hybrid sailing yachts. Sleek, beautiful, and technologically sophisticated, the Perini Navi flagship has spent her summer cruising the Mediterranean, however this winter she sails for pastures new- The alluring Indian ocean.

The Maltese Falcon

THE MALTESE FALCON offers the best of both worlds – the comfort and silence of a sailing yacht combined with the ease and performance of a motor yacht. THE MALTESE FALCON has drawn attention all over the world for her innovative design years ahead of her time. She has hosted numerous prolific guests and has proved time and time again why she is deserving of her iconic status. With her own spectacular art collection as well as Spa complex, THE MALTESE FALCON really is the pinnacle of luxury yachting.

Expansive deck spaces are complemented by a range of interior areas including the six lavish staterooms. THE MALTESE FALCON can accommodate up to 12 guests all hosted in perfect luxury. Her interior was designed by Ken Freivoch and the result oozes class and refinement. THE MALTESE FALCON’s exterior space is equally as versatile and impeccable as the interior. By day the exterior is complete and diverse, whilst by night the exterior deck space transforms into an outdoor cinema equipped with one of the largest screens ever found on a yacht.

THE MALTESE FALCON is the ideal charter yacht for the Indian ocean thanks to its diverse capabilities and characteristics. A rare opportunity for charter presents itself this winter season – one that should not be missed.

The Maldives

The Maldives is home to many of the world’s most luxurious, relaxing beaches making it a must-see destination for any traveler. The Maldives’ heritage lies in southern Asia meaning each island comes with its own unique and distinct cultural foundations. The Maldives is also home to many utopian yachting spots, from caves and alcoves to expansive bays. Maltese falcon

As well as being the perfect place for serenity and relaxation, the Maldives also provides a perfect spot for diving in clear, turquoise waters.

The islands provide a wide variety of diving opportunities meaning no matter your experience you can make the most of the Maldives.  Thanks to THE MALTESE FALCON’s impressive and expansive toy collection, guests are able to make use of toys ranging from diving equipment to jet skis ensuring there is never a dull moment at sea.

The Seychelles

Widely renowned as one of the finest charter locations worldwide, the Seychelles offers guests the potential for the experience of a lifetime. Whether your preference lies with relaxation and retreat or exhilaration and adrenaline, the Seychelles has every base covered. The plethora of vibrant reefs are perfect for guests who want to see natural phenomenons up close creating a truly unforgettable experience beneath the waves. All 100 islands in the Seychelles are begging to be explored this winter – where better to visit on board the MALTESE FALCON?

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