Hidden Gems along the Mediterranean

July 21,2021

As we are able to travel more freely, the prospect of hidden gems, tucked away from large crowds, is ever more appealing. Here are some of the best-hidden gems that can be found along the Mediterranean coastline and are perfect to incorporate into your charters this summer and beyond.

Aeolian Islands, Italy

“Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” on Stromboli Island

Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000 for providing “an outstanding record of volcanic island-building and destruction, and ongoing volcanic phenomena”, the Aeolian Islands are perfect for exploring. It is possible to hike up volcanoes, treat yourself to a volcanic thermal bath or natural mud spa, or explore the rugged coastlines of the islands. One of the most amazing sights to see is the active volcano on the island of Stromboli which is known as the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”, thanks to its mesmerizing eruption and flow of lava that is visible every night.


La Maddalena, Sardinia   

The archipelago of Maddalena is made up of 62 islands which makes it perfect for exploring. La Maddalena is the largest town of this archipelago and is only accessible by boat. The coastline features rugged caves and alcoves as well as stunning white-sand beaches with the recommendation of the “swimming pool bay” between Caprera and Maddalena which is renowned for its crystal clear waters. La Maddalena is a sophisticated town buzzing with activity, however, it is possible to find idyllic corners around the islands for peaceful relaxation. 

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Menton, France 

Sunset over the port in Menton

Situated along the French Riviera, Menton is a beautiful location to explore the streets lined with pastel-coloured houses. Thanks to its micro-climate, there are avenues and parks of citrus trees particularly lemon trees, which have become the symbol for this idyllic town. Some of the best views can be found from the Vieux Port de Menton where it is also possible to explore the restaurants serving freshly caught fish along the harbour front. The town is also renowned for its gardens containing sub-tropical plants with some of the most famous being Jardin Serre de la Madone and the Jardin botanique exotique de Menton. 

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Folegandros, Greece  

View of the traditional Greek buildings in Folegandros

Neighbouring Santorini, this island boasts spectacular views of the rugged coastline. With plenty of alcoves and caves to explore, Folegandros is perfect for beach hopping. There are also the traditional Greek villages boasting beautiful white houses and blue shutters. The island has been described as “an untouched piece of true Greece” which makes it the perfect location to experience a traditional way of living. It is possible to walk through the streets of this island and see the works of the artists and seamstresses of the island who have produced beautiful pieces of artwork.

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Calella de Palafrugell, Spain   

Beach in Calella de Palafrugell

Found in the northern part of the Costa Brava, north of Barcelona, Calella de Palafrugell offers the tranquillity that other places along the Costa Brava may be missing. Some of the main attractions of this traditional fishing town are the hidden coves that can only be accessed via the Camino de Ronda hiking trail which runs along the cliffs and seafront of this area of Northern Spain.  The cobbled streets are lined with tapas bars and are testament to the freshly caught fish.

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Our yachts that travel here: 

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Khalilah, with its stunning golden design, provides a great opportunity to explore the French Riviera. The striking contemporary look gives the impression of an exclusive boutique hotel on water. 

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