Future Focused Monaco Yacht Show 2021?

September 30,2021

Future Proof Artefact

With the industry focusing more on sustainability, how did this year's Monaco Yacht Show emphasize the importance of a more eco-friendly yachting environment?

Superyachts –  M/Y Artefact

A good indicator of the future of yachting might well be Nobiskrug’s most innovative motor yacht to date. At the show this year for the first time, ARTEFACT is one of the world’s most eco-friendly superyachts. She achieves a remarkably low emission- footprint through the use of solar as well as battery technology, making her one of the few yachts in the world able to comply with the IMOs newest three-Tier emissions regulations.  Despite this increased focus on environmental awareness ARTEFACT has a range of well over six thousand nautical miles.

No shortcuts or compromises have been taken in achieving this remarkably eco-friendly, future proof vessel.  ARTEFACT is one of the highest volume 80-meter superyachts on the planet, showcasing the fact that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or luxury.

Since her delivery in 2020,  ARTEFACT has become a three-time winner of the prestigious ‘Boat: design and innovation award’ in both the naval architecture and interior design categories.

The culmination of these features has proved to the world that eco-friendly does not mean lower comfort or desirability, in fact, quite the opposite. ARTEFACT is a testament to sustainability and marks the true beginning of a new era of yachting.

Future proof Tenders – T/T RADIANT(Silverline Tenders)

Another award-winning appearance at the show this year came in the form of T/T RADIANT  the winner of the design and innovation category for tenders. T/T RADIANT is the flagship for the entire Silverline fleet of efficient eco-friendly tenders.

boat international design and innovation awards winner tender of the year

Designed by German company Yachtwerft Meyer, the Silverline range focus strongly on the environment and sustainability.  Not only do these tenders look futuristic, with a sleek low profile, they also operate futuristically with almost entirely silent, gearless bow thrusters. T/T RADIANT and Silverline are paving the way for how tenders may look and operate down the line.

Future proof Toys – SEAMAGINE Submersibles (Ocean Pearl)

SEAMAGINE Hydrospace was founded in 1995 and has launched over 12,000 dives in its 26-year history (superyachttimes) . This year at the Yacht show they displayed their 2-person submersible ‘OCEAN PEARL’.

Personal Submarines Aurora 3c person.

Powered by 2 DC electric Venturi Shaped thrusters the submarine is fully electric.  The submarine is able to dive up to 3,300 feet, offering guests a unique experience at little cost to the environment. The SEAMAGINE group and their products informed the show that to be environmentally sustainable comes at no cost to the uniqueness of the experience.

New Features of this Year’s Show – the ‘Yacht Design and Innovation Hub’ 

For the first time this year the ‘Yacht Design and Innovation Hub’ featured at the Monaco Yacht Show. The Innovation Hub is dedicated to the design of new projects and innovative solutions in superyachting. An array of stands from world-leading engineers and yacht designers dominated the Hub with a wide variety of concept Superyacht models which may reflect the future of the industry.

As well as this the Design and Innovation Centre contains the historic ‘Designer Gallery’ where a panel of design experts and naval architects were on hand to sculpt the first lines of your new yacht concept.

The Hub also included seminars across the four days given by industry professionals in which they shared their concepts for tomorrow’s superyachts from scratch.


This year proved to be the most future-focused yacht show to date with the vast majority of exhibitors appearing focused on sustainability and limiting environmental damage.