Cascioni Eco Retreat, the Hidden Gem of Costa Smeralda

July 21,2022

Huddled in the embrace of a secluded estate with its own nature reserve, Cascioni is an exclusive Eco Retreat and a vision of slow luxury, where the healing power of the landscape meets delicious homegrown food and gentle relaxation.

Cascioni Eco Retreat
Once a family farming estate, the intimate property has been reinvented as an understated back-to-nature escape. 

The stazzo, a traditional Gallurian peasant dwelling, has been reimagined to combine rustic charm with a modern layout where hospitality is key. 

Cascioni Eco Retreat Olive Grove
The estate harvests and bottles its own extra virgin olive oil every October – perfect for dipping your just-baked carasau flatbread in while dining alfresco in Ulìa, the estate’s garden-to-table restaurant. 

Cascioni Eco Retreat Olive Oil
The Ulìa restaurant is across the courtyard, anchored to the earth by a generous stone hearth. Guests can pass the time in the convivial terrace bar or relax poolside in the shade of a tree. 

Cascioni Eco Retreat Ulia Restaurant
The chef is a passionate advocate of Sardinian culinary traditions and believes in an entirely natural cuisine based on the finest local ingredients. It isn’t unusual for the chef to prepare ingredients collected by the guests during their walks on the estate. Sip on a world-renowned Vermentino of Gallura, a rich and velvety Cagnulari red, or try the famous Cannonau, the perfect accompaniment to locally-produced ewe’s cheese and mountain salami.

Cascioni Eco Retreat Food
Cascioni Eco Retreat offers only a limited number of suites making every guest feel a little more special. Ten Deluxe Pool Suites and five Prestige Pool Suites are decorated in fittingly earthy tones, each with its own porch, private garden, heated pool, an ample living room and spacious bedroom, with views over the countryside or sea. 

Cascioni Eco Retreat Accommodation
The tranquil Mediterranean Spa, where guests can enjoy the heated swimming pool, sauna, herbal infusions, or indulge themselves in a relaxing olive oil massage and other natural beauty treatments, promises to restore and rebalance. 

Cascioni Eco Retreat SPA

If you are looking for the perfect place to unwind and recharge your batteries this summer, look no further! Cascioni Eco Retreat has it all covered for you.