Antarctica: A Journey to the End of Planet Earth

June 18,2018

A Journey to the End of Planet Earth ~ Antarctica

Cold as ice: discover the glacial beauty of the world’s most isolated region: Antarctica.

Antarctica essentials

  • Best time to visit: October to March
  • Area: 14,000,000 km2
  • Population: 1,106
  • Fifth-largest continent
  • 98% is covered by ice
  • The coldest, driest place on earth

Like no place on earth

Remote, intriguing and unforgettable, this is Antarctica. Towering icebergs, snowy glaciers and sheltered bays, welcome to the end of the earth. The southernmost continent, Antarctica is completely unique. A thrilling and sometimes tragic history. An incredible variety of wildlife. Some of the most stunning scenery on the planet. This is where charter becomes an adventure as you go off the beaten track and explore the Frozen Continent.

The land of ice and water

Totally uninhabited, Antarctica is the land of ice and water. First sighted in 1820, the race to the South Pole was one of the 20th century’s greatest adventures. Hotly disputed by explorers, sealers and whalers from all over the world, in 1959 the Antarctica Treaty was created. Signed by 53 nations, the treaty ensures that this pristine continent remains neutral ground, a natural reserve dedicated to science and learning.

A Journey to the End of Planet Earth ~ Antarctica

The coldest place on earth

A frozen dessert, extreme weather defines Antarctica. Covered with snow and ice, temperatures average -57°c throughout the year. The coldest, driest and windiest place on earth, Antarctica is not for the faint-hearted. But polar summers in the South bring weeks of continuous daylight to the land of the midnight sun. Charter a yacht between October and March for crisp clear days and brilliant sunshine, the perfect conditions for cruising in icy waters.

Step back in time

There are no permanent residents in Antarctica, but mankind has left its mark on the Seventh Continent. Step back in time and learn more about the region’s brief but bloody history. Discover disused whaling stations and shipwrecks perfectly preserved by ice. Visit expedition headquarters of some of the greatest polar explorers, now frozen in time forever. Bravery, heroics and tragedy, Antarctica’s story is waiting to be told.

A Journey to the End of Planet Earth ~ Antarctica

A magical landscape

Endless stretches of untouched snow. Towering blue-ice glaciers. Rocky cliffs leading down to shingle beaches. The landscape of Antarctica is quite simply magical. Cruise through narrow channels filled with icebergs or drop anchor in a sheltered bay surrounded by mountains. If you’re looking for dramatic scenery at every turn, this is the charter destination for you. And with routes dependent on weather and ice conditions, every day is another chance to experience the unexpected.

Stunning natural light display

The southernmost point on the planet, Antarctica is Aurora Australis territory. Each winter, the night skies explode into a stunning natural light display. The dark Antarctic skies are the ideal setting for this electric phenomenon. Watch the Aurora Australis dance over the glaciers and illuminate the sky in glorious colour. Difficult to predict but impossible to forget, the southern lights are Antarctica’s best kept secret.

A Journey to the End of Planet Earth ~ Antarctica

The adventure starts here

A vast winter playground, the White Continent is a dream come true for thrill-seekers. The adventure starts here. Take to the water in a kayak and get a front row seat to watch local wildlife at play. Hike through snow-capped mountains or enjoy a hot-spring experience on a volcanic island. Brave a polar plunge in freezing cold water then sleep under the stars in sub-zero temperatures, Antarctica is synonymous with adventure.

A paradise for wildlife

Isolated and unoccupied, Antarctica is a paradise for wildlife. Home to some of the rarest marine species around, Antarctica is the largest nature reserve in the world. Vast colonies of Elephant seals bask along the coastline. Hundreds of Chinstrap penguins dive for food in the ocean. Albatross and Petrel fly overhead while Killer Whales and Humpback whales feed peacefully in calm waters. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Get up close and personal with Antarctica’s only inhabitants here in the last great wilderness at the end of the earth.

A Journey to the End of Planet Earth ~ Antarctica