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Greece Yacht Charter

Golden Shores and Pristine Islands

With more than 6000 islands to explore, there is no shortage of changing landscapes and choice on a yacht charter in Greece. We'll give you the secrets to the best itinerary in this beautiful part of the world.

Greece Greece

Sun, Sea and Sand

A veritable paradise of open skies and winding golden shores, the region's vast and diverse marine ecosystem connects thousands of pristine islands in Greece, with each more beautiful than the last. A yacht charter in Greece is the perfect way to tour these stunning islands. Sail along the coastline in a superyacht, then venture inland to the fabled warm embrace of Greek hospitality and cuisine. Twelve hours of sunshine in the summer gives travellers ample time to revel in the dreamy landscape and culture.

Greece Greece

Incredible Coastlines

Yachting in Greece means endless miles of turquoise coastline, scenic bays, pebbled beaches and serene coastal caves. The landscape in Greece is rugged, sun-kissed and strikingly beautiful. Of the 6000 islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian seas, only a few hundred are inhabited. From the wild glamour of Mykonos & Santorini to oh-so tranquil Skyros or Ithaca, each sun-bleached haven has its own characteristic charm and natural beauty. The true challenge is in picking just one of the islands in this idyllic region as a favourite.

Greece Greece

Captain's Comments

"Like a scene caught in time, strict building codes have perfectly preserved the architectural purity of the island of Hydra. A place devoid of cars and motorcycles, donkeys walk the cobbled streets of this humble place instead. Unassuming and seductive in its charm, expect loads of fresh seafood, strong feta and even stronger ouzo at the local taverns."


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