North America

yacht charter in North America

North America has solidified itself as a classic charter destination due to its diversity and proximity to major hubs. At the gateway of the Arctic, discover the icy landscapes of Alaska and discover its mostly untouched scenery.  Such as the luxury idyll of New England located a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of New York offering a peaceful respite. With the northeast being famed for its shellfish and seafood dishes, and lobster being the most popular choice, dine at many of the incredible restaurants onshore and experience the famous whale-watching in Cape Cod and Maine.

Further down the coast, Florida remains a yachting hub due to its guaranteed warm weather and lengthy coastline. Witness the blends of culture through vibrant cuisine favoured for its Caribbean and Cuban influences. Consider chartering a yacht in North America for endless opportunities to discover the breathtaking views and unmissable wildlife.