Central & South America

yacht charter in South America

Tap into your adventurous side and explore the diverse cultures and incredible landscapes of Central and South America. Vast rainforests, mighty volcanoes, distinct cuisines, and exotic wildlife make this a perfect destination to explore. The crystal clear waters create a marine paradise for an underwater adventure for those wishing to swim alongside the incredible marine life. From marvelling at the ultimate whale-watching experience in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico or Patagonia to discovering more about Darwin’s theory of evolution by visiting the Galàpagos Islands, to even making a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica to witness with your own eyes the icy wonderland. Live your Pirates of the Caribbean dream hopping from cay to cay in Belize, visit the thousands of untouched beaches in Costa Rica, or dive deep below the waters to discover the diverse marine life in Cuba or Bermuda. Whether you prefer sailing across the waters on a yacht in hot or cold climates, there are options for everyone in Central and South America.