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Solomon and Marquesas Islands Yacht Charter

Hidden Treasures

A chain of islands set in the crystal-clear waters of the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands are home to some of the most exceptional dive sites in the world. For a dive with a difference, head to Gizo in the Western Province of the islands and explore the wreck of Toa Maru. Formerly a Japanese transport ship from WW2, Toa Maru is now an artificial reef slope with hundreds of species of marine life hiding in its coral gardens. Take a guided underwater tour inside the wreck and discover rooms full of artifacts from medical supplies to a fully-intact motorbike plus several small tanks. With hidden treasures waiting round every corner, Toa Maru is a diving experience like no other.

Living History

A rich fusion of Polynesian and Micronesian cultures, traditional customs and ceremonies still play a vital role in daily life on the Solomon Islands. Leave the 21st century behind and step back in time with a visit to the bush village of Kwaio on the island of Malaita. Set on top of a mountain, trek through the lush green jungle to this tiny village and discover traditional Kwaioman stories, crafts and dances handed down from generation to generation. An authentic island experience, no visit to the village is complete without partaking in a delicious motu feast, an essential part of any celebration here in the Solomons.

Enjoy the Ride

Remote and unspoilt, the volcanic islands of the Marquesas boast some of the most spectacular scenery in French Polynesia. The ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts, step ashore and explore the wild Marquesan landscapes of Nuku Hiva on horseback. Trek through towering banyan forests filled with ancient marae temples or search for hidden waterfalls in the island’s breathtakingly beautiful valleys where wild pigs and goats roam freely. Canter along the pristine white sand of Hanatekuua Beach at sunset before cooling off with a dip in the turquoise water, this is the ultimate way to explore the island Polynesian-style.

Southern Charm

The most southerly point in the Marquesas Archipelago, the remote island of Fatu Hiva is the perfect spot to go off the beaten track. Renowned for its traditional Marquesan crafts, drop anchor in the picture-perfect Bay of the Virgins and visit the village of Omoa to watch skilled craftsmen at work. Browse sumptuous tapa cloths painted with dyes made from mulberry, breadfruit and banyan bark or beautiful carved trinkets made from sandalwood or coconut wood. Visit the village’s tiny Musée Grelet and browse exhibits including clubs, spears and carved-wood koka’a before taking home a bottle of Manoi oil scented with tiare blossoms and sandalwood to remind you of your time on this charming island.

Charter a Yacht in the Solomon and Marquesas Islands

A vibrant blend of colours, landscapes and legends, the timeless beauty of the islands awaits you. Plan your next journey south of the Equator by reaching out to our dedicated charter team today.


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