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Some of Europe's most exquisite seaside scenery can be found on less than 300km of coastline in Montenegro, a rugged terrain with rocky plateaus, lakes, looming cliffs and fields of wild herbs and flowers as far as the eye can see. Montenegro's diverse landscapes and crystal clear waters are revered for their biodiversity. Perched between the Balkan Peninsula and Adriatic Sea, the region is filled to the brim with natural wonders and soul-stirring scenery, all preserved for centuries and easily explored via superyacht. A yacht charter in Montenegro will leave you spellbound.


The Illyrians, Romans, French, Ottomans and Venetians all settled in Montenegro at one time or another, and influences of both east and west are evident in its architecture, art and culture. Today, the region is known for its warm hospitality, diverse cuisine and locally produced rakija (brandy), among other things. A yacht charter in Montenegro will allow you to explore this magnificent country. Off the beaten track, rugged mountains and pristine forests await the adventurer. From ancient walled towns and winding coastal pathways to the captivating scenic landscapes, Montenegro's warm embrace is exhilarating.


"Montenegro's Kotor is a UNESCO protected Old Town, a secluded Mediterranean bay surrounded by limestone cliffs and serene, emerald waters. For charming ambiance nothing beats this ancient setting, where cobblestone streets twist their way through a maze of restaurants, museums, churches and bars."


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