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Classic Yacht Charter

Classic Yacht Charter

They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

Take a trip back in time and voyage to the corners of the earth onboard a floating piece of history. Nostalgic travel personified.

Чартер классических яхт Чартер классических яхт


Our exclusive classic yacht charter service offers you the quintessential dream of ocean travel, without the hassle. Travel in a style that modern sailing yachts simply can't replicate as you experience that unparalleled sensation of chasing an endless horizon, driven by ancient winds as they ruffle the sails towering above your head.

With legacy being of the utmost importance, we offer you a choice of classic yachts for charter or modern alternatives boasting the latest technology with classic style.

Чартер классических яхт Чартер классических яхт


Recapture the glory of yesteryear by cruising on a classic yacht that has proven itself on countless journeys and adventures. A classic yacht charter gives you a sense of confidence and quiet knowledge that you're a passenger on a vessel with true spirit and character.

We go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our clients are matched with classic sailing yachts that fulfil every aspect of their dream charter.

Чартер классических яхт Чартер классических яхт


It's difficult to explain the sensation of cruising to the uninitiated, but for those fortunate enough to have felt the surging power of the wind as your yacht planes across the ocean, the reasons behind a classic yacht charter require no explanation. Our classic private yacht charter fleet offer you the unrivalled experience of sailing in uncompromising comfort.


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