Indian Ocean

yacht charter in Indian Ocean

Clear sparkling seas, soft powder-white beaches, vibrant coral reefs: welcome to the year-round paradise that is the Indian Ocean. Bounded by Asia to the north, Africa to the west, and Australia to the east, the Indian Ocean is a melting pot of cultures. Eat at the world-class restaurants where the years of western colonial influence, ingredients and recipes from the African coasts, and the spices from Asia, bring you outstanding cuisine which will leave you wanting more. Choose your perfect destination to view the stunning one-of-a-kind landscapes which run for miles or to dive deep into the utopia of the coral reefs. Explore the beautiful blue lagoons that surround the Seychelles, taste the plethora of flavours with fresh produce and aromatic spices from the Maldives, and feel the warm tropical breeze along the powdery beaches of Mauritius – whatever luxury break you desire, the Indian Ocean will not disappoint.