Meet the New Captain of FIGURATI

September 30,2021

Captain Clay Dall'Ara is a dynamic professional with a few impressive tricks up his sleeve...

Recently, SuperYachtsMonaco had the opportunity to interview Captain Clay Dall’Ara. He grew up in the North of Italy, where as a child he had to wait out the harsh winters to be able to begin his training on the water. After years of dinghy sailing Clay entered the yachting industry aged 19 and began his professional life managing motor yachts and sailing yachts. From here, Captain Dall’Ara realised his passion for yachting and set out on the road to becoming a captain.

Whilst he did not always want to become a captain, the spirit of adventure, spark of spontaneity, and magic of the ocean inspired Clay to dive into the sophisticated and glamorous world of yachting. Now after years of travel taking him to all corners of the globe Clay has narrowed down his two favourite cruising destinations to the Balearic Islands and the Exumas in the Bahamas. These destinations are of course known for their beautiful natural seascapes and perfectly turquoise water – as well as being rather difficult to navigate as a captain due to the shallow depths of the sea bed.

Clay has travelled all over the world and dreams of exploring Australia by caravan. His yachting career has brought many meaningful moments which include fabulous themed parties and a heart-warming marriage proposal.

Once we had discussed the professional elements of Clay’s life we felt it was important to dive into the character of the charismatic Captain. He personally enjoys restaurants in Ibiza including Mar de Nudos in Mallorca and Cala Gracioneta in Ibiza. Astoundingly, Clay is also a Captain of the sky with one of his major interests in his spare time being aviation and as a result he holds a pilot’s license. Clearly a reason for Clay’s success as a captain lies in his appetite for adventure and passion for the great outdoors.

Clay is the captain of the wonderful FIGURATI –  a Riva 110’ Dolcevita – a nautical marvel bought to life by Ferretti Engineering Group through their collaboration with long-time, award-winning partners, Officina Italiana Design. FIGURATI is unique in its appearance as it owns a sleek regal silver colour scheme which sets it into the background of any seascape. Her stylish interior is simply breathtaking; her exterior is an object of rare beauty, and her performance is nothing short of spectacular. The yacht has an 11.5M chase boat, FREDDI, with a cruising speed of 20 knots and features including underwater LED lights, a sliding roof system, cushioned areas, a comfortable queen-sized bed, and a watersports low bar. When asked about FIGURATI’s special features, he mentioned his pride in his young and dynamic crew. He also highlighted the yacht’s spacious sundeck and sleek design – as well as bigger tenders and trendy flight boards.


Enjoy FIGURATI and meet the Captain that keeps the show on the road!

 EUR 120,000 – EUR 140,000  per weekexclusively for charter with SuperYachtsMonaco