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Alaska Yacht Charter

Alaska Yacht Charter

Explore the Frozen Wilderness of the 49th State

The northernmost point of the US, go off the beaten track in the icy cruising grounds of remote Alaska. The mountains are calling and you must go. This is as wild and rugged as it gets.

Hiking in Alaska Hiking in Alaska

Take the Path Less Travelled

With dramatic landscapes around every corner, hiking the Alaskan wilderness is an unforgettable experience. A vast and incredibly diverse state, Alaska offers mountains, volcanoes, miles of open tundra plus the world’s largest temperate rainforest. Get a breath of fresh air while exploring Alaska’s spectacular scenery, much of which is still completely unexplored. Catch a glimpse of wildlife including bald eagles, wolves, moose and Alaska’s most famous resident, the brown bear. The gateway to the Arctic, feel the call of the wild in this breathtakingly beautiful region.

Kayaking in Alaska Kayaking in Alaska

Take to the Water

Boasting 34,000 miles of coastline and over 3 million lakes, Alaska takes water sports to another level. From rafting to kayaking, jet boats to canoeing, the Great Land is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers. Paddle your way through the fjords and experience the splendour of Alaska’s majestic blue icebergs first-hand. Snorkel shallow tide pools or take a rollercoaster ride through the rapids on the white-water adventure of a lifetime. Navigate calm, protected bays and watch whales and dolphins breach the icy-blue water around you, this is not your average yacht charter.

Heli-Sking Alaska Heli-Sking Alaska

Enjoy the Ride

Home to the highest mountain peaks in North America, Alaska is the ideal playground for winter sports. With mile after mile of pristine skiable terrain, there’s no better place to try heli-skiing or snowboarding. Take a helicopter straight from your yacht to the mountain peaks and discover Alaska’s glacier-carved mountains. Guaranteeing exhilarating runs, panoramic views and endless fresh powder, there’s nothing quite like an Alaskan heli-skiing experience.

Bear in Alaska Bear in Alaska

The Last Frontier

Inhabited since 10,000 BC, Alaska has a rich and varied history. Originally colonised by Siberian migrants, this former Russian territory was acquired by the US in 1959 when it became the 49th state. From forests full of totem poles to mining towns leftover from the 19th-century gold rush, Alaska has a fascinating past. Step back in time as you explore the region’s ornate Russian Orthodox churches, abandoned WW2 bunkers and old railroad tunnels. Known as America’s Last Frontier, a yacht charter in Alaska is the trip of a lifetime.


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