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Papua New Guinea Yacht Charter

Papua New Guinea

The Last Great Frontier - A Voyage to the End of the Earth

Lying south of the equator, Papua New Guinea stretches from Asia through Indonesia and into the South Pacific. Made up of over 600 islands, you’ll never forget the diverse scenery and vibrant culture of this natural paradise.

Kite Surfing Kite Surfing

Water World

Located in the New Ireland Province, the island of New Hanover has a stunning wild beauty all its own. Remote and peaceful, the island is surrounded by crystal-clear water and offers the perfect setting for water sports. Catch the southeast trade winds in your sails and enjoy windsurfing or kiteboarding in the turquoise lagoons around the islands. Explore the coastline on a jet ski or spend the afternoon wakeboarding behind the tender. The most exclusive ocean playground on the planet, New Hanover’s world-class waves will keep you happy from dusk 'til dawn.

Kimbe Bay - Papua New Guinea Kimbe Bay - Papua New Guinea

Rich Marine Life

One of the largest nature reserves in Papua New Guinea, Kimbe Bay is situated within the Coral Triangle. A pristine seascape with an incredibly diverse ecosystem, Kimbe is home to hundreds of species of marine life. Drop anchor in the sheltered bay and slip under the surface of the ocean to discover a spectacular underwater display. Swim through shoals of colourful reef fish as unicorn fish and fusiliers dart around your feet. Watch clownfish playing in the coral or spot reef sharks cruising in the deep water at the eastern edge of the bay. This is not your average diving experience.

Tavurvur Tavurvur

Natural Phenomenon

Set within the Pacific Ring of Fire, Kopoko is a vibrant waterfront city and the perfect yacht charter base for exploring the region’s volcanoes. Drop anchor in Blanche Bay then go ashore to hike to the crater of Tavurvur. Last active in 2014, a visit to Tavurvur is a chance to discover this natural phenomenon from the inside. Hike through volcanic orange sand to the black rocks of the summit as sulfur fumaroles fill the air with their distinctive smell. Take in breathtaking views of the bay then head back down to check out the natural ocean hot springs below.

Tribes People Tribes People

Ancient History

Untouched by the outside world, discover authentic Melanesian village life along the banks of the Sepik River. A freshwater river, the Sepik is home to dozens of small tribal groups who each have their own traditions and customs. Visit the Spirit Houses of Kanganaman with their carved ancestral figures and gable masks. Watch villagers make pottery in the village of Aibom using methods dating back to the dawn of time. Explore Tambanum Village where skilled local artisans carve wooden river figures and traditional bone daggers. A tropical wilderness like no other, go back in time as you charter a yacht through the ancient waterways of this fascinating river.

Papua New Guinea Fishing Village Papua New Guinea Fishing Village

Charter a Yacht in Papua New Guinea

An essential destination for those looking to go off the beaten track, the secrets of this remote island paradise are best explored by private yacht charter. Start your Papua New Guinea adventures here by contacting our MYBA-member charter team for a custom itinerary. Submit your message using the form below.


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