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Indian Ocean Yacht Charter

Indian Ocean Yacht Charter

Tropical Paradise Like No Other

Imagine the most beautiful desert island beach with a climate and wildlife to take your breath away. Then you might come somewhere close to envisaging life in the Indian Ocean.

Indian Ocean Indian Ocean

Seychelles, the Maldives, Indonesia and Beyond

A yacht charter in the Seychelles, the Maldives, Indonesia or Thailand is like nothing else in the world. A vast expanse of deepest blue, the Indian Ocean is strewn with lonely atolls. Each tropical cluster is more alluring than the last. The mere mention of the Maldives is pure evocation. This teardrop of 1,200 exotic isles floats in a shallow turquoise sea. Scuba-lovers should make a beeline for South Ari Atoll, which is steeped in world-class dive sites. For something simpler, snorkel atop the reefs instead, gliding your way among the manta rays.

The nightlife of Thailand, the beauty of Indonesia or the sights and sounds of India should be on everybody's bucket list. Let us help you with your Indian Ocean yacht charter.

Indian Ocean Indian Ocean

Coral Cays

A yacht charter in the Seychelles wouldn't be complete without sailing to the Coral Cays. These island gems are populated by giant tortoises, black parrots and a bewildering amount of marine life below the surface of the waves.

Indian Ocean Indian Ocean

Captain's Comments

"Africa Banks is a must see location for fishing, diving and a beach BBQ. In over 600,000 miles of navigation this is simply the most marvellous unknown and un-spoilt destination I've ever seen. Try diving in the pass at Darros Island in the Amirantes with the Manta Rays, it's something that cannot be missed."

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