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Choose the Toys for Your Yacht Charter

No yacht charter is complete without an arsenal of toys. Not just for the kids, but for the big kids too! Choose from jet skis, slides, wakeboards and many others. The fun starts here.

SuperYacht Toys SuperYacht Toys

The Fun Starts Here

Here at SuperYachtsMonaco we have a wide range of yachts for charter, and we pride ourselves on the level of service our clients receive. Our super yachts for charter come with a range of accessories, facilities and boat toys to make your time on the water even more enjoyable and memorable.

Find out more about the types of boat toys available, and find a yacht with toys to charter below.

SuperYacht Toys SuperYacht Toys

Yacht Slides and Water Parks

One of the most unique and fun yacht toys on the market, a yacht slide is the best and quickest way to get from the top of your yacht to the ocean. Alternatively, your own inflatable waterpark at the back of your charter yacht is a great way to enjoy to ocean. Great for kids and adults alike, most are custom made for each super yacht, so you know each one is like no other.

Finally, have your crew set up your own swimming pool off the deck. An inflatable sea pool is perfect for keeping you and the kids safe from strong currents, jellyfish or other creatures

SuperYacht Toys SuperYacht Toys

Yacht Tenders and Watersports

Most yacht charters come with a range of toys, and one of these will almost certainly be a yacht tender. Useful for getting to the shore, yes but they are also great fun in themselves. Whether it's delivering you to a secluded beach, enjoying some waterskiing or using it as a platform for scuba diving, a yacht tender can be as exciting and unique as a superyacht charter itself. Some charter yachts even come with submarines…

SuperYacht Toys SuperYacht Toys

Rest and Relaxation

If you prefer your yacht charters to revolve more around relaxation than toys, then there's still plenty of options. Hot tubs often come as standard on a yacht charter, some will also have gym equipment, swimming pools, spa treatments and cinema rooms to name just a few.

Explore our range of yacht charters with toys below.


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