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Sailing Yacht Charters

Sailing Yacht Charter

Calm Seas Never Made a Good Sailor

There's nothing more uplifting than travelling to the world's most beautiful bays by wind power. Set sail on the journey of a lifetime and experience life at sea in its purest form.

Sailing  Yacht Charters Sailing  Yacht Charters

Wind Power

Few experiences can compare to the sensation of being powered over the waves driven only by the limitless power of the wind. For those lucky enough to have experienced it, no other method of travel will do. For those looking for the authentic sailing experience, without compromising on total luxury and exceptional service, we offer our private sailing charters.

Sailing  Yacht Charters Sailing  Yacht Charters

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

With an unrivalled selection of vessels and decades of experience organising exclusive super-luxury sailing yacht charter trips, you can rest assured that the planning and operation of your trip is firmly in the hands of seasoned experts. We'll match you with the perfect yacht for your plans and the size of your party and all you'll have to do is fully immerse yourself in the awesome beauty of your surroundings.

Sailing  Yacht Charters Sailing  Yacht Charters

Tailor Made Itineraries

Our repeat clients often prefer sailing charters over yacht ownership, as you have the freedom to choose a different yacht for each and every experience. Whether you're planning an unforgettable sailing getaway for a loved one, or you want to take the party out into the open ocean, we've got the boat and crew for you.

Sailing  Yacht Charters Sailing  Yacht Charters

Set Sail

In most cases, sailing charters include a highly trained and experienced crew, which will expertly guide your yacht to and from its destination, while keeping you in the constant lap of luxury. Sit back and take in the experience as your crew operates like a finely tuned machine to drive you forward. It's a vital part of the sailing yacht charter experience.


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