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Berths for Sale

A new generation superyacht facility with 900 berths up to 100m+, blending modern style, elegance and efficiency. 20 minutes away from Naples International Airport and from the high-speed central train station. A safe and secure international marina where a reliable team of professionals deliver year-round high quality service and assistance. The experience continues in the Yacht Club, the restaurant with its Michelin starred chef and the bar right next to the swimming pool.

Below are some example of the berths available at Marina di Stabia

Lease Duration
30m x 7m
5-30+ years
EURO 110.000 - 720.000
55m x 10m
5-30+ years
EURO 250.000 - 2.000.000
85m x 15m
5-30+ years
EURO 635.000 - 4.600.000

Prices VAT excluded (22%). More berths up to 100m available on request.


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